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Greens Superfood + Immune


Greens Superfood + Immune

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With Greens, enjoy over 20 nutrient-rich greens and super fruits for a healthy boost in a delicious berry-flavored drink. Greens is ideal for those who don’t consume enough healthy fruits and vegetables and is a great foundation for a white label supplement line.

The greens and reds are packed with key vitamins and minerals for a surge of clean energy. Greens contains selected herbs and botanicals for immune system support, plus key enzymes and prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion.

Additional Benefits

  • 2500 mg Greens Super Food
  • 425 mg Super Reds
  • 4 grams Prebiotic Fiber
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Loaded with Organic Ingredients
  • B Vitamins for Natural Energy
  • Potent Immune Support
  • Mushroom and Cordyceps
  • Enzyme Matrix for Digestion
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners
  • Delicious Berry Flavor
  • Gluten-Free


  • Organic Greens (Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Spirulina, Organic Alfalfa Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Kale, Organic Astragalus 10:1 , Organic Oat Grass, Organic Chlorella) — 2500mg
  • Red Antioxidant Blend (Organic Beets, Bilberry Fruit PE 4:1, Maqui Berry, Pomegranate Fruit, Raspberry, Blueberry Juice, Acai Juice, Goji Berry, Orange Juice) — 425mg
  • Immune Support (Vitamin C, Cordyceps, Organic Turmeric, Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), (Whole Mushroom) — 250mg
  • Digestive Enzymes (Cellulase, Papain, Protease, Lipase) — 170mg

Other Ingredients

Inulin (Chicory Root), Natural Flavor, Stevia.


Product does NOT contain major allergens such as dairy, nuts or soy. Please contact us if you have questions about other potential allergens.


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Servings Per Bottle

35 servings per 270g (9.5 ounce) bottle

Important Note

The products listed on this website are small wholesale samples. To order larger bottles in bulk after trying the samples, please call us at 1-888-682-2731 or fill out the Contact Us form.