Is Viacore Nutrition FDA-Certified?

Yes we are! Learn more below.

Are Your Products Organic?

Our organic products are handled in a facility certified by the State of Oklahoma as meeting organic food standards.

Quality Manufacturing Processes at ViaCore

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Transcript for "Quality Manufacturing Processes at ViaCore" Video

[00:05] Here's a glimpse into our manufacturing facility and the high standards our products are held to.

[00:10] In addition to local and state agencies, our facility is inspected and audited by the FDA and other nationally-recognized third-party agencies.

[00:20] Our facility is cGMP-certified, which is a step beyond GMP.

[00:27] cGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

[00:31] This means nationally-recognized third-party auditors verify that the most current technologies and procedures are being used throughout the facility and manufacturing process.

[00:42] Upon raw ingredients landing at the receiving docks, they are quarantined until testing procedures are completed and ingredients are validated.

[00:51] Even though we only work with top-tier reputable suppliers, raw ingredients are not allowed into our production line until we have verified the accuracy and purity of ingredients.

[01:02] In addition to verifying there are no contaminants, ingredients that are required to be temperature-controlled are kept in specific areas.

[01:10] A highly-calibrated spectrometer gives each ingredient a fingerprint. When that ingredient is received in future shipments, the fingerprint is verified.

[01:20] Facilities that skip this step wouldn't know if they are receiving creatine, baking soda, or salt.

[01:26] Batch records are created for each product, formulation, and flavor variation.

[01:31] Not only does this record list the exact amount of each ingredient, it will even include which scales are being used, how to calibrate that scale,

[01:40] which blender to use, which scoops, which jugs, and which labels.

[01:45] The batch record will also list any allergens.

[01:48] Ingredients are precisely weighed by one person, then double-checked by a different person, then checked once again by our quality control team.

[01:57] All weighed-out ingredients are put into separate bags and then put together to create a "kit" for that specific product. This kit is also known as a "lot."

[02:06] Each lot has a number, which is printed on every bottle, bag or jug that it is packed into.

[02:11] This allows for the tracing of each ingredient all the way back to when that ingredient landed at the dock.

[02:18] Because of confidentiality agreements, we are not allowed to disclose our client list—but we provide products for over 400 different brands,

[02:28] some of which are outside of the U.S. and have very strict policies for product verification and importing.

[02:34] So you can be assured: our practices and procedures are "on point."

[02:39] People select our facility because of our low overhead, small minimums,

[02:43] and thorough and detailed procedures followed in procuring raw ingredients and producing finished goods.

[02:49] Rest assured: if it's on your label, it's in the bottle—and nothing else.

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