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The Viacore Nutrition Process

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Protein Experts

We formulate fantastic-tasting whey proteins, plant-based vegan meal replacements and weight loss shakes. Our prices are great because we purchase raw materials by the truckload. We stock whey isolates and concentrate, milk proteins, and vegan proteins.

Lab tech in white disposable coat with blue latex gloves holding stainless steel scoop

Natural Sweeteners

We have developed several proteins with Stevia and only natural flavors. We would be happy to send samples so you can test our work.

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Sports Nutrition

We have vast experience in sports supplements such as pre-workout powders and bcaa amino acid formulations. Customers give us great reviews on our flavor, which drives the sales of your product.

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We offer many packaging options including HDPE and PET plastic bottles, as well as packaging in bags in numerous color choices.

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Low Minimums

Your custom formula can be as low as 750 bottles, depending on the product. Call today to learn more.

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Ready to move forward with your own brand?

Send us a quick note on our “Contact Us” page and we will guide you through the process.