About Us

How ViaCore Nutrition Helps You Build Your Private Label Brand

ViaCore Nutrition Overview

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    Quality Control

    We have an in-house team that tests incoming ingredients and finished products to ensure that your product meets GMP regulations.

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    Custom Formulas

    Our manufacturing ability gives you the option to customize your formula starting at 750 bottles. You can choose from over two hundred ingredients for your custom product.

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    Product, Packaging and Flavor Choices

    ViaCore manufactures supplement products for several market segments – sports nutrition, vegan, natural, and general wellness. We make great-tasting whey and vegan proteins as well as a wide variety of sports nutrition powders. We offer great tasting samples ready to send to you today. Order samples from our Private Label Products page.

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    World-Class Graphic Design and Label Printing

    We will work with you to design and print world-class labels. You can choose bottles or bags with numerous color options. Your labels can be metallic, matte, or high gloss.

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    Fulfillment and Drop Shipping

    We can drop-ship products directly to your customers with same-day shipping, or drop-ship to distribution centers such as Amazon. Our central location allows affordable shipping to either the East or West Coast.