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Collagen Peptides Type 1 & 3 Unflavored


Collagen Peptides Type 1 & 3 Unflavored

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Collagen is often taken to support healthy skin, hair, and nails. It is also important for strong tendons and joints. Our unflavored multi-collagen is from pasture raised bovine. It contains two different types of hydrolyzed collagen for maximum benefit.

Adding a private label collagen formula to your product line is a smart move. It is incredibly popular in both the health and beauty and fitness categories.

Additional Benefits

  • Multi Collagen for Maximum Benefit
  • Type 1 & 3 Collagen
  • Grass Fed Pasture Raised Bovine
  • 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  • Supports Youthful Skin and Healthy Hair
  • Contains Amino Acids and 9 Grams Protein
  • Almost Zero Taste
  • Unflavored - Can Be Mixed with Favorite Beverage
  • No Added Ingredients
  • No Sugar and No Carbohydrates
  • 35 Servings


  • Collagen Peptides (Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I & Type III Bovine) — 10g 


Product does NOT contain major allergens such as dairy, nuts or soy. Please contact us if you have questions about other potential allergens.

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Servings Per Bottle

35 servings per 350g (12.35 ounce) bottle

Important Note

The products listed on this website are small wholesale samples. To order larger bottles in bulk after trying the samples, please call us at 1-888-682-2731 or fill out the Contact Us form.