“Ship to My Customer” Getting Started Guide

“Ship to my Customer” Getting Started Drop-Shipping

Want your products drop-shipped directly to your customers? This is how it works. 

Fulfillment Pricing

  • Connection Fee – a one-time fee ($100) to connect your shopping cart to our software and create product and inventory sheets.
  • Monthly Subscription $100
  • $1.50 packaging fee for each shipment + $0.50 for each item packaged
  • Great shipping rates – typically UPS & USPS
  • ViaCore White Label Products – See our “Ship to My Customer” Price Sheet. This pricing includes your labels.  

How does it work? 

  1. Choose your label design. You can use our graphic design services (see pricing above) or use your own designer. If you design your own labels we charge a one-time $15 per label review fee to make sure it’s print-ready. If you use our design service there’s no additional cost. Pay your label design invoice. Labels are included in product cost.
  2. Choose the products you would like to purchase. Pay your one-time connection fee and your first month’s subscription. You can view product pricing here: 
  3. We connect your store through Shipstation. You can check to see if your store or shopping cart is compatible here.
  4. You are ready to start selling.


Dropship Fulfillment Services FAQ

What is my full cost to get started?

The cost would be $600 ($100 connection fee + $100 monthly fulfillment fee + $400 custom logo and label).

After I get started what is my monthly cost?

The cost is $100 ($100 monthly fulfillment fee) which would start on your second month, plus product, fulfillment fees and shipping.

Are labels included in the price?

Yes, labels for “Ship to my Customer” dropship service are included in the pricing, but the label design is a separate cost.

When do you ship products?

Shipping is typically the same day for orders that arrive before 3pm CST, but occasionally the next day. Orders that arrive on Friday after 10am will be shipped the following Monday. 

When will I get billed?

Billing takes place weekly or every other week depending on volume. Invoices are emailed and you will have an opportunity to review before your credit card is charged.

What type of labels can I have printed?

Fulfillment abels for Sales Tiers 1-3 are printed in-house and are limited to gloss paper label material. Tiers 4-5 are sent to an outside printer and can be high gloss, metallized or matte.

If I pay $600 am I guaranteed to sell products or make any money?

Unfortunately no. Our services are limited to fulfilling orders. It’s up to you to sell the product.

Can I use my own designer?

Yes, and we have Illustrator templates for the labels. There is a one-time $15 per label review fee so that we can make sure the label is print-ready. See our guide: Using Your Own Designer

Do you ever run out of products?

Yes, we occasionally do because of a surge in orders or supply-chain issues. We will, however, send you regular updates on inventory. It does help, however, that we can manufacture on site.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the label design or the labels?

Unfortunately no. The label design is handled by an outside designer. However, our designers and printers create really good labels.

Can my customers get a refund if they don’t like the products?

Unfortunately no. However, we have been in business for fifteen years so we know how to produce great supplements.

What happens if a package is damaged during shipment? Will you refund my money?

Unfortunately no. However, we will help in filing a claim with the shipping company to file a claim. 

What happens if a customer doesn’t receive their shipment? Will you refund my money?

Unfortunately no, assuming there’s a valid tracking number. Sometimes packages are misdelivered, stolen or lost. However, we will help in filing a claim with the shipping company to file a claim. 

How do I go about getting my logo and label designed?

We will walk you through the process.

Can I send ViaCore Nutrition products or items to be fulfilled?

No, we do not allow customers to send us products or special items outside of our stocked products to be fulfilled by ViaCore Nutrition. 

Can Viacore help me manufacture custom formulas for fulfillment? 

Yes, we can manufacture your custom product. The minimum quantity for custom formulas is typically 1000 units. Contact your sales representative for more information.