About Us

ViaCore Nutrition offers custom manufacturing of nutrition powders and capsules. We also have stock white label supplements ready to ship under your label.


We specialize in helping customers make products under their own label. The biggest sellers are typically protein powders (whey and vegan) as well as vitamin capsules.


ViaCore is registered with and inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Oklahoma Health Department, and the USDA (for organic certification). The company also contracts with a third-party auditor (ASI Food Safety) to certify that we follow GMP (good manufacturing practices).


Our Capabilities include 35,000sf of manufacturing, three blenders from 70 to 20 cubic feet (cone and ribbon) three powder fill lines as well as semi and automatic encapsulation machines. Our four packaging lines are able to fill bottles, bags and stick-pack style single serves.


Quality Control

We have an in-house team that tests incoming ingredients and finished products to ensure that your product meets GMP regulations.


Custom Formulas

Our manufacturing ability gives you the option to customize your formula starting at 750 bottles. You can choose from over two hundred ingredients for your custom capsule or powdered product.


Product, Packaging and Flavor Choices

ViaCore manufactures powdered as well as capsule products for several market segments – sports nutrition, vegan, natural and general wellness. We make great-tasting whey and vegan proteins as well as a wide variety of sports nutrition powders. We offer great tasting samples ready to send to you today.

World-Class Graphic Design and Label Printing

We will work with you to design and print world-class labels. You can choose bottles or bags with numerous color options. Your labels can be metallic, matte, or high gloss.

Fulfillment and Drop Shipping

We can drop-ship products directly to your customers with same-day shipping, or drop-ship to distribution centers such as Amazon. Our central location allows affordable shipping to either the East or West Coast.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call 1-888 682-2731 Or