Private Label Whey Protein

ViaCore Nutrition is an GPM and FDA-inspected manufacturer of whey protein powder centrally-located near Oklahoma City. Our stock private label program allows us to service the start-up customer with orders as low as 24 bottles. Our manufacturing ability gives you the option to customize your formula starting at 750 bottles.
We can either build your custom product or you can choose from one stock whey formulas, ready to ship under your label. Both options have their advantages.

Stock Private Label

• Choice of 2lb or 5lb Bottles
• Ready to ship in as little as 3 days
• Minimum Order is only 24 bottles
• Proven formulas
• Amazing Taste
• Choice of Stevia or Sucralose Sweeteners

Custom Formula

• Your custom formula
• Choice of Flavors
• Choice of Sweeteners
• Custom Packaging (Bottle, Bag, or Bulk)
• Lower Cost but 750 Bottle Minimum Order
• Six Week Lead-Time

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    Other Viacore Nutrition Benefits

    World-Class Graphic Design and Label Printing

    Our in-house graphic artist will work with you to design and print world-class labels. You can choose bottles or bags with numerous color options.

    Grow Your Business with Better Margins

    Ready to grow your business? We can help get you there. Our customers’ products are distributed in top across the country. We’re able to get you better pricing because we manufacture your product ourselves.

    Many Product & Packaging Choices

    ViaCore manufactures powdered as well as capsule products for several market segments – sports nutrition, vegan, natural and general wellness.

    Amazing Flavors

    We make great-tasting whey and vegan proteins as well as a wide variety of sports nutrition powders.

    Fast Turnaround

    Is your current manufacturer too slow or not meeting deadlines? We specialize in getting your product out the door in four to six weeks or less.

    Central Location

    Our central location allows affordable shipping to either the East or West Coast.

    Drop Shipping

    We can drop-ship products directly to your customers (domestic or international) or to distribution centers such as Amazon.

    Quality Control

    We have an in-house team that tests incoming ingredients and finished products to ensure that your product meets cGMP regulations. Your finished products are lab-tested with a certificate of analysis (COA). We also offer tours of our facility and our manufacturing process.

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    We hate SPAM too.
    We will never rent or sell your information.